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Shooting at Los Angeles airport

Shooter take shots inside the airport Los Angeles.
They caught the suspect is arrested and seven are wounded.

This shooter was using a gun with a semiautomatic rifle that made shots inside the international airport terminal de Los Angeles, in the United States, this happened today on Friday the 1st of November 2013. Takes several security officers injured and the suspect were hit doing shootouts with police.

Inside the terminal several bloods are seen on the floor inside the airport Los Angeles, United States. Authorities said he has not had any confirmation that threatens this Friday.

Patrick Gannon police chief said the gunman entered the terminal with a gun shooting rifle he was using a bag and shot the security guard who was checking the documents of passengers at the airport. Shooter was alone and agents exchanged gunfire inside the terminal at the airport in Los Angeles United States. In the video you saw all authorities are checking the airport be the shooter acted alone or not. Had a death agent this is confirmation of the American government in Washington. Everyone was panicking seems film shots, some people were taken to hospitals.

The information is still very controversial, but carrying a sniper rifle invaded the passenger terminal at Los Angeles International Airport, in the U.S., and after making several shots and leave a still undetermined number of people injured, was shot by security Airport.

According to news agencies, the airport, identified by the code LAX, informed about the incident via social media. Initially Terminal 3 was evacuated, then the entire airport was empty and the area is fenced. The flights were suspended and landings planned for Los Angeles transferred to other locations.

The Fire Department of Los Angeles issued a statement giving an account that the situation at the airport it is an "incident with multiple patients"

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