terça-feira, 1 de janeiro de 2013

Brazilian youth dies in Australia

Brazilian youth dies in Australia when six policemen were thinking he was the robber from the store, the more he was unloved and without anything in hand, the more he died a shock leads to love metal Australian police, Roberto Laudisio, has 21 years of age is dead, some say he was stealing cookies.

Roberto Laudisio killed in Sydney, the young man's body is going any time in Brazil.

The Brazilian family wants an explanation of what happened in australia, friends and relatives in Brazil to commemorate important friend.

Most do not know that justice will be done in Australia, be the right was all the same, most everyone knows that he is a good guy who did not hurt the person.

but because the Brazilian police killed in clashes? is this really the truth even if he was robbing the store biscoite?

Before going in Australia he recorded a video that would go to Australia to study, is like being he was not aware of anything that will be the victim of police in Australia.

Brazilian people are doing all protest against Australia.

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