terça-feira, 1 de janeiro de 2013

Brazil Criminals of the human body is crisps to sell

Criminals are attracted to women and murdered body of flesh human cannibalism drumsticks, chips to sell to people eating, these bandits are hardly a cannibalistic monster who has no heart, it happened in Pernambuco.

The population is too shocked by the evil cannibal, a proposal made ​​false employment, and then took marta women done in cannibalism, eat up the bodies of human flesh, these people are three groups that acted so, they are super bad.

This is supposed religion of death, they confess they did it with all victims. This photo cannibalism are these people very badly, very dangerous. They killed people in Garanhuns taking piece of flesh and body, and to eat human organs. They are accused of mink or more than 9 women may have more victims yet.

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