sexta-feira, 13 de janeiro de 2012

textos de amor em inglês com tradução

Your eyes are the crystal ball is light moonlight splendor of your eyes is to look at Cinderella fatal fatal-eyed panther, which is dangerous in view of the woods to the virgin cracking beak to tear through the heart pieces eternal unforgettable! the noise is scary panther wild and sweet melody is the word from the coldness of the dark black with full black to dark black color of march until the art of blind love you!

The day is dawning on a sweet sunsets, is the word for love you for breakfast "I love you" every day is the love that radiates get big and be spread like fire that is burning radiates heart to spain in the mouth with heat is warming the spring summer of love. The sun illuminates the conscious day to light the sky to rain falls in the pit of my burning heart glows in love kissing you.

The sound of the ocean is a wild noisy, and the shower of rain refreshing mineral water of the tidal air is beautiful sunshine. Your look is a 69 abaco art of burning mouth burns with passion in the skin of the soul to regret the air is afraid of silence, with eyes of a lion, Saturday is a silent movement is in the desert is like the wild immortal Lone Wolf in inspiration, is the seat of art thrills the heart to love you, you take the scar marks of passion lit warm water evaporates the air of love.

The white smile is a wonder of fatal accident causes the heart to split up the middle with a sharp sword word of hot air, the lava fire of passion and compassion until the water evaporates in a thousand air with the smoke of warm water until the clouds get dark until the rains in the rain, falling drops of dew is like the brightness of spring summer heats up heat to cause an explosion of fireworks with colors, you look, his eyes shining in rainbow colored, colored with sharp words in a thousand of the infinite air.

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