terça-feira, 10 de janeiro de 2012

frases de amor em ingles tumblr

In the infinite dance ballet, I see you dance in Swan Lake Cinderella virgin upon the coldness of ice-cold a thousand degrees below zero to negative ice cold, you fascinate me dance with skates sharpened Gillette with Tiger wins immortal that cuts the heart piece and leaving scratch marks of the wound of black Cinderella, scraping ice cube art of compassion sympathy romantic love of your smile over the blue lagoon shining star in the eye to see the brilliance of the dance my eyes. His movement is shock to the chest to feel happy to love you hit the dance of the swans sweet trump card diamond destiny in your eyes waver in ballet art of stir passion, the dance inside my heart burned with boiling sun dance of swans up flies in the air of love, like to be the will to dance was yellowing wild hungry lion desperate to feel the wire quotes Headquarters to love you baby loved ballet

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