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mensagens de amizade em ingles

In the dark night of passion and icy cold, feeling cold and warm air from the heat of passion, I see green firefly with mosquito green, when you see them, his eyes shining as bright green of the emerald green crystal clear water of the type Crystal, I look in your eyes and you look at me look 43, my heart is my inspiration of my love paradise.

In the immortal virgin forest black, I see one ounce black jaguar and a black and color with jaundice, when you look closely and gently close your eyes reflects the mirror of water with the sun yellow, dark black without seeing no accident that causes blindness to go blind in heart with the gorgeous gloss black pearl ounces of black, erasing blackness of darkness the light of my pain, erase your pain deeply with the march of the black paint covering the heart with black diamond full of infinite splendor of brightness inspire.

Your eyes are the crystal ball is light moonlight splendor of your eyes is to look at Cinderella fatal fatal-eyed panther, which is dangerous in view of the woods to the virgin cracking beak to tear through the heart pieces eternal unforgettable! the noise is scary panther wild and sweet melody is the word from the coldness of the dark black with full black to dark black color of march until the art of blind love you!

The day is dawning on a sweet sunsets, is the word for love you for breakfast "I love you" every day is the love that radiates get big and be spread like fire that is burning radiates heart to spain in the mouth with heat is warming the spring summer of love. The sun illuminates the conscious day to light the sky to rain falls in the pit of my burning heart glows in love kissing you.

The sound of the ocean is a wild noisy, and the shower of rain refreshing mineral water of the tidal air is beautiful sunshine. Your look is a 69 abaco art of burning mouth burns with passion in the skin of the soul to regret the air is afraid of silence, with eyes of a lion, Saturday is a silent movement is in the desert is like the wild immortal Lone Wolf in inspiration, is the seat of art thrills the heart to love you, you take the scar marks of passion lit warm water evaporates the air of love.

The white smile is a wonder of fatal accident causes the heart to split up the middle with a sharp sword word of hot air, the lava fire of passion and compassion until the water evaporates in a thousand air with the smoke of warm water until the clouds get dark until the rains in the rain, falling drops of dew is like the brightness of spring summer heats up heat to cause an explosion of fireworks with colors, you look, his eyes shining in rainbow colored, colored with sharp words in a thousand of the infinite air.

I love playing beautiful by the beauty of wildlife smile fatal. I want to play within your heart by making a hole with the gold key, the key is to open the mouth of love that can light the flame of lava. My age is the flower of young love, my life is the power to animate the handsome love of the kids with my body sun burnt skin dark, this is my style I whispered to staying there and playing in front I love quick stop to impress with my eyes 86 fatal, is the love inside the heart is hidden in dark shadow immortal. It's nice to feel the warmth inside that gives a fantastic thrill of loving in my heart.

My heart beats and your happy with the strong potential of two million horsepower per hour !!!!!!!!! unlimited compassion, is like the heart of 2000 and the heart of a gentleman princess. The heart is the motor car that beats fierce infinite happiness, as the Lion King fierce and ferocious leopard runs like speeding car with unlimited love you deep into the beautiful and elegant tide of moonlight my love of heaven.

You are the spring summer of my virgin heart. At 43 stories high is 43 your eyes in the sky above the cloud of infinite light, saying once again on 86 floors are your eyes in the sky 86 no limit to love you. In the profound impact of a needle sharp sword in my heart that causes a sore pain of love. In the forest primeval forest black, born the day the sweet sunrise sunset, sun, and there beside the sea, the sound of the sea is wild noisy sympathy of love that causes a fatal impact explosion, which stifles my breath of passion hot love you, I'll erase your pain of love, your eyes look gorgeous as is the black panther dangerous charm that can be deeply in love until it splits the heart pounding and happy with the potential of two million horsepower per hour. I have loved you you unlimited heat loving to curl the heart, is like Romeo and Juliet in the novel and they drink the poison to have an impact poignant death in the heart, and forever loving compassion and infinite divine order of immortality. You are my final thrust of the virgin forest.

I see there with immortal dangerous microscopic mite that causes allergy on the skin to shiver like crows to be fearful as the scarecrow was alive in spring corn field of light shimmering splendor of sunshine and ultra violet flower violet burning hot call the heart on fire, love is beautiful when the hawk is full of romantic catcher gentleness, and starts hunting moçada loyal to my wife princess you my love, you love you love!

On the violet ray of sun heat burning the hair raising, and the dark shadow in the virgin forest, I see a black cat with a mustache sharp virgin with that beautiful voice and loud voice like sea wild immortal, which causes death in the heart to burst into one thousand air like fireworks rainbow of passion in the cold dark of the night sky from hot passion to love you, loved you you, you are a cat, a fatal ragazaa Cinderella, you're the star light white cloud white snow to melt all the snow with hearts filled with hot lava until the water evaporates into the sea shining in you, loved thou amour !!!!!!!!!

On the night honeymoon, his eye is bright ball of earth's beautiful to look in the mirror universe without limit to burning heat of passion, on high pressure hot sunbeam high in the sky lights illuminating the world, singing birds gladness of heart praise God with the voice melody beloved Sweetness Baby I love you You, I Love You, You're an arrow Ragaz with needle sharp chest hot heat You will love you.

On the night the night of Lone Wolf virgin cold snowy forest with collapse of emotion falling snow white smile of infinite divine white light silver diamond balls of light illuminated, the snow that falls from the ground with wind fan nice muscle relaxant in the flesh of the skin to cool the fresh air fresh air of love burning to warm the heart, eyes red addendum to the call of the wild passion wood oven hot air evaporation with warmth like relaxing in the warm deep sleep while relaxing in bed with eye open burning with passion for high temperature boiling fatal fire I love you, I loved loved loved loved a thousand times a thousand stars for you, I loved you Amozinho

I see there a bird dove along with cowboy-birds fire extinguished the flames addendum to my eyes and vermilion is in love with shy face red sweet sweet blackberry wonderful drawings of flamingos with vermilion-hearted matchmaker between two pairs of half of a love and the other half is you love the piece that was done to you my golden girl, pure as gold shining bright crystal light the look with white light white Ruddy singing to the sound of sweet music melody relaxing feel to the skin in the flesh the hard-stone-hearted to the wind blow out the light of your eye taught learning alive in your diamond look deep cold air forever loved you all the snow to melt with the warm temperature in the heat of love in You

In the days of thy winter is beautiful to feel the cold shiver until we can love with just one kiss descogelar burning passion incendiai the warmth of romantic honeymoon. You and me playing with doll crazy snow ice-cold white light of the dative of passion, there I see a white polar bear with white skin, you looking at your eye as light shines white light of the setting sun in the morning snow ice I loved the sweet sympathy thou into the potential pain freeze to cold air, winter warmth in my heart kills green and yellow of the sun warming up pops loves spring love thou love, you are the strong warm honey lukewarm.

In the infinite dance ballet, I see you dance in Swan Lake Cinderella virgin upon the coldness of ice-cold a thousand degrees below zero to negative ice cold, you fascinate me dance with skates sharpened Gillette with Tiger wins immortal that cuts the heart piece and leaving scratch marks of the wound of black Cinderella, scraping ice cube art of compassion sympathy romantic love of your smile over the blue lagoon shining star in the eye to see the brilliance of the dance my eyes. His movement is shock to the chest to feel happy to love you hit the dance of the swans sweet trump card diamond destiny in your eyes waver in ballet art of stir passion, the dance inside my heart burned with boiling sun dance of swans up flies in the air of love, like to be the will to dance was yellowing wild hungry lion desperate to feel the wire quotes Headquarters to love you baby loved ballet

I see in my eyes in the Black Forest, a deer animal sympathy of love in a darkened black, is as dark romantic movies in theaters of passion, by thy looks Matters shines as falling within the darkness of night cineminha tender loving compassion to the sweet movie to love you in black flames within you loved you! It's beautiful this movie 'poor and rich "the poor woman is in love with transparent golden color of sun sunflower, and rich life is crazy crazy for you the rain of blows fills the warmth of my love to my sweet home haven baby you're my sweetness of honey peach melocotom.

All deep Silmara friends, see friends miguxos Francisco down on the roof of the flood water into the sea blue swans in the pond, to your eyes shining in the deep sea blue sky with white smile light transparent, rain falls in a form of showers of hail is as a comet coloring in your eyes with full of rainbow virgin gold fatal, do not speak the Roses, the Rose be in the dance moves of the spine to love you

On the night lovely lovely smile lights the stars in FATEC she was dressed with green palm trees this evening bright nearby star and green firefly with mosquito green, when you see them, his eyes shining as bright green of the emerald green the type of crystalline water crest of the mirror to light the virgin forest in the forest alive with love, I love palm to palm with a smile in her eyes green, you are the card of sympathy of love, you are living jewel like a sword blade to wash the dishes in the mineral water bright sunshine burning oven boiling the wood to burn in flames of fire nature of passion in the skin to flesh, the earth is the look of your sphere of life green field where playing on the lawn of Football palm trees, the nature of your look is my Paradise to light green virgin forest of the forest love!

You are great as 43-storey high giant 43 your eyes to heaven without penalty limit to fly, you sweet little Princess Rapunzel amour lovely sweet baby! Anja You are a light pen to write on the beak star "Happy Birthday." You are lighting up the little angel sweet melody of light look diamond white smile can be stronger than in the dark until blindness blind sight in the eye, mind of the memory is etched in my heart the word abacus of Portuguese art of love in creating immense power of the universe galaxy energy infinite splendor is to be unforgettable romantic love in the letter matins inspiring!

I see an angel bright as spring sunshine, and Pena nozzle write up cracks in the stone left in the wound scar on the star written "I love you" to light the fire, making shaved the match until leaving lights burning oven in the eye, is how to shave feels heat up hair shaved smooth as ice is to smooth the hair flat to charming silk, it is moving in the commotion inspires pain.

I move the art of drawing draw paint and I painted with sharp needle tip wet in the rain cries tears of pain air colors of the rainbow beautiful, magnificent as a woman deeply wonderful agape steam in the blue sky, white cloud and the white film Black and poignant romance sweetens the emotion, you're my sweet honey precious jewels of ruby ​​tough love Splendor.

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