segunda-feira, 20 de junho de 2011

poema de amor em inglês

are just your eyes that fascinate me
colorful dreams, beautiful sea of ​​shining in your eyes bright as a diamond crystal. You are the woman is as beautiful as diamonds infinite light! You're the most beautiful Beautiful Beloved of my Heart.
her eyes shine like the stars and night. when you hear the sound of the sea. hear my whisper in your ear saying I LOVE YOU!
his eyes and the flame that lit my passion, and his eyes are the mirror of water as crystalline diamond, when it comes to eternal passion and undying love, one heart to be so inspired.
I'm waiting for you, waiting for your love, I love you, my great love, you're my heart, you are my lovely love, I feel a strong force for you large and very large. you're sympathetic, love as wind is mild, her smile is beautiful, I love to see smile. I love you white smile, my smile and love for you is romantic, romance and love, You are my sunshine, my hope is full, I love you. You give me the same feeling, and talking to you I feel very happy, very happy !!!!, life is beautiful, life is love. My life became more colorful because of you, I hope life with you, happy life together, only you and me, together forever. You are dynamic, giving the feeling of vitality, you are the love of my life. I love you.

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